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New Tuner Show On SPEED CHANNEL is looking for cars and owners!!!

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Posted: 03/26/07 03:49 PM

Saw this at another forum, though it might interest some of you guys:

The new series, FINE TUNED has just been sold to SPEED CHANNEL.

The new series will be taking Japanese and European sport compact cars and turning them into high-end Time Attack, Drift and Rally cars!

We're going to be modifiying cars from the Southern California area first so if you've got a Asian Import or European Sport Compact please submit pics of your cars as well as a story of why you deserve to be chosen for the series!

Here's a short list of the cars we're looking for for the first couple of episodes:

'94, '95 ir '96 Toyota Supra
Mazda RX-8
2001 Scion TC
Late 90s Mitsubishi Eclipse
95 to 2000 Honda Civic
Early 2000s Mitsubishi EVO
Subaru WRX sti
late 90s to early 2000s BMW- M3, 330I, 330IS, 330i

Please email all entries to  

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