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Interchangeable parts (The Howto's and what, where, which?)

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Posted: 07/24/06 06:31 PM


I'm trying to achieve as mutch information as possible on this subject, what parts from which models do interchange with each other, at first I'm trying to get as mutch informaton for the 5g Civic's because that's my current ride (EG8 with B16a2 swap)

I know Honda engine components do interchange as long as the engine blocks are the same i.e. B18 exhaust header on B16 engine.

But what else is there out there? I will use this thread as my own notepad and write down the information I get hold off, and I apreciate if somebody else post information as well!

Big brake upgrade (5G Civics):

Redrill brakes from Prelude 2.2 VTEC to 4x100 pattern and use them on 92-95 Civic Ex knuckles (these have ABS) with the 91-94 Accord Wagon calipers(may have to shave off 1/8" of the caliper mount to make them fit)  

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Posted: 09/09/06 06:34 AM

internal wise is very vast i mean there are b18 blocks wit b16 cranks rotating assemblies etc... ive read soo many combinations id be here forever typing ive seen type r pistons on ls rods on a gsr crank???? yea that one still kinda amazes me i think the wrist pins were modified though..?? head swaps galore ls blocks with type-r or gs-r heads for ls vtech's b16a2 blocks with gs-r heads all kinds of combo's... its almost as simple as knowin valve clearances piston comps and makin sure the parts mate up fine ... but there may be others here to correct me if i am wrong on somethin thats fine as i havent done much of this i read it on other foroms and post it here when necessary or i have friends who done similar things so i may not have the full details but i have some... im more knowing on ludes...  

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Posted: 11/07/06 07:50 PM

i have a 93 civic hb dx,
front brakes have been swapped out for a set of civic si (canadian model) which have bigger rotors, the whole spindle was swapped over to, caliper, bracket you name it
also have gsr rear disc brakes installed,

joe griffin
nova scotia, canada  

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