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MK7 GTI 2014

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Posted: 01/28/14 08:23 PM

iPE is presenting the grand release of the “R-inspired” sport hatch from Volkswagen.  Introducing the brand new GTI 7!!!

[B] Brand new GTI 7 shown above comes with the Performance Package[/B]

[B]iPE Has developed the GTI 7’s Intelligent Valvetronic exhaust system based on the OEM performance spec of the vehicle.  [/B]

The Golf GTI has always been favored as the most ideal sport hatch within its range.
With its improved performance and the price tag, the GTI has indeed earned its respect from the enthusiasts.
With the new GTI coming with reinforced chassis and a beefier-tuned engine compared to its predecessors,
it is a “hot piece of steak” to the aftermarket world.  
iPE did not sit back and wait, but instead, we are one of the first to be offering a complete exhaust system with
Intelligent Valvetronic system ready to turn your new GTI 7 into a wild beast!!

[B]Matching OEM specification to ensure the installation process is “no brainer”. [/B]

Developed to match OEM spec, iPE system is easy to install and yet does not conflict with vehicle performance.  
In fact, we even unleashed the vehicles original torque and improved the 0-200 acceleration time down to more than 2 seconds.  

[B]With dual side exhaust/single tips style [/B]

[B]The one and only iPE Intelligent Valvetronic System[/B]

iPE’s Intelligent Valvetronic system not only enhanced the vehicle performance, but also brought an unique “F-1” sound to the
ears which will turn a few heads when you fly-by down the street.  With the system in OFF mode, the DB has increase 20%compare
to stock exhaust.  In ON mode, iPE‘s DB has increased over 50%.

[B]Get a good “whiff” at this rear end!![/B]

[B]Completely hand-made with Excellence!![/B]

iPE product is completely hand-made with SUS304 Stainless Steel.  High levels of nickel and chrome materials are used for rust
prevention, raising the “immunity” of all iPE exhausts!

[B]Low-end torque and high-end HP?  With iPE system, you can have both!![/B]

[B]iPE’s Intelligent Valvetronic System[/B]

iPE’s unique?Intelligent Valvetronic System?utilizes the TPS and RPM sensors to monitor closing and opening of the valves to create
a fine balance of back-pressure and straight through of the exhaust.  Making the GTI a truly remarkable sport hatch to bring on to the
tracks, or for everyday drive.


To experience iPE Intelligent Valvetronic System, please visit us at: [URL][/URL]

You tube: [URL][/URL]

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