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Wheel Rims - Need to verify

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Posted: 12/13/12 01:04 AM

Hi There,

Recently I needed to repair a wheel rim of my box trailer, the guy that repaired the wheel rim asked me why I was using wheel rims from a 1934 Humber as wheel rims for my trailer, as I had only bought the box trailer a few ago I had no idea.

He mentioned to me that the metal clips on the wheel rim (where you would pop the hub cap on) was the dead giveaway, but I have no idea, I was wondering if anyone could help me clarify where these rims come from and what they might be worth.

The link below doesnt seem to want to work, so please go to facebook, look for Sargolais and you can see an image there, or I can email you one if you like



IMG 0207
IMG 0208  

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Posted: 04/24/13 04:37 AM

Every vehicle owner have a responsibility to maintain their vehicle in regular interval time. So if any one have a problem with vehicle wheels, then I must says that replace it or repair it. Vehicle wheel play an important role.  
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