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Audi A6L3.2 modified upgrade headlights

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Posted: 07/02/12 02:29 AM

Vehicle: 06 A6L 3.2L
Modified headlights configuration:
Headlights single Hella 2 bifocal lens  effect: two near and two far (Beam position of the car is running lights, not far from the light, and Hella 2 beam is not very good)
Modified later, the lights configuration:
Transplanting and modified 09 A6L headlamps, the original Hella 2 lens is converted into the new doctor lens + independent beam reflector + original LED running lights
The modified effect: two near and four far
Some people may doubt, why not just put 09 models A6L headlamps replaced, in fact, the 09 headlights is just more than a set of LED running lights and independent beam, but its independent beam works only playing the ultra- lights, when the switching beam, it is not working, night effects is the same with the 06 headlights, lighting capacity has not been fundamentally improve.
Repacking instructions:
Modification to upgrade the 06 Audi original car headlights, Hella 2 lens upgrade to the new Dr. lens, the installation of the original digit LED running lights, independent beam modified line, make the car lights work when switching the beam, in order to achieve two near and four far night-time lighting effects.
Converted difficulty:
Audi A6L car lighting circuit is controlled by the original car central electronic control system, only one light is not bright or instrument failure, it will alarm. Decoding is the key.
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