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Engine swap - from '92 325i to '95 325is with vanos

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Posted: 08/28/11 09:33 PM

Hi there,

First of all just wanted to say what a great site this is.

I have a 1992 325i BMW with manual transmission.  There are 320,000 km on the car. Lately it's really been burning the oil and I can't keep up with it.  

I have been thinking of changing the engine and have found a 1995 325is with 120,000 km on it.  Trouble is this engine has a vanos and my '92 does not.  

What would I need to do/change in order to hook-up the vanos? Can I hook it into the existing computer? Are there any available diagrams to show me what to do?

Much appreciated.  

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Posted: 06/04/12 11:34 PM

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