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E30 fuel consumption issue & engine (or car) noise

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Posted: 04/18/11 07:24 AM

Hi there,
I am the proud owner of a BMW E30 M40 engine saloon automatic 316i y.o.m 1990 European model. Some background info: the body and interior is in very good shape, as is the over-all drive and handling, in general (btw, i don't profess to be a BMW expert). However in the four years of owning the car (im the second owner, mileage currently in excess of 240,000km) i have undertaken to 'restoring' the car; by that i mean:
Timing belt change, change of front shock absorbers, distribution cables and rotor, new ignition coil, water pump, power steering bleed and change of carrier, new front disk rotors and pads as well as rear drum, shoes, front stay rods and absorber mountings changed.
The issue, since I bought the car has been the fuel consumption: it seems rather high at approx 12litres/100km to 13litres/100km (usa terms would be 18-19.5mpg) - the Handbook states for an urban driving cycle the fuel consumption is 10.3litres for every 100km - basically, for every 100km I drive, I am using up an additional 2 litres of fuel. Im not sure if my expectations are too high for a 20 year old E30!!
Some other info: the car has had an reconditioned (or overhauled) transmission - it has a jerk from 1st thru to 2nd gears, but it's something i can live with - not sure if this plays a part. No engine overhaul has ever been done. My mechanic says the rear differential is worn, and cannot be repaired ..only replaced..again im not sure how much power or efficiency i am losing through the drivetrain. The air flow meter (or air control meter) is the original.

In terms of checks, I have done the following:
1. compression test (about a year ago tho) - was fine
2. fuel line leaks check - one was spotted at the fuel filter recently when changed, but the lines near the engine compartment were fine. Not much diff in consumption as leak must have been small one
3. CO level checked and adjusted down slightly from 0.7 to 0.2% - not much diff again
4. Ignition timing checked and okay (18)
The oxygen sensor was not checked, but assume if the CO level is fine, then this doesn't need to be changed - i do not think this sensor has been changed in the last 7 years
Driving pattern - mainly city driving 70-80%, highway 20-30%
Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on reducing the fuel consumption to original?

Secondly after the timing belt was changed (together with the timing bearings (part nos: 1131 1 708 806, 1131 1 708 264, 1131 1 708 245) timing gear (1131 1 717 796) plus new thermostat (1153 1 713 040), the engine seemed to have become louder when accelerating - and it still remains louder after one year - my new mechanic tells me it's not from the engine compartment, but because the rear muffler (or silencer) has broken down. Your view on this?

Your comment would be really appreciated. Thanks!!


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Posted: 06/04/12 11:33 PM

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