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Boosted Rockets - Jan 2011

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Posted: 12/06/10 07:14 PM

Hi Les,
Thank you for the great article on my STaSIS supercharged Audi R8. I really enjoyed spending the afternoon carving some canyons so your photo crew could share the experience with your readers.

I would like to mention a couple of things the article missed. First, the STaSIS Supercharger kit is installed by a STaSIS Signature Series Audi Dealer. This preserves the factory warranty in North America and as the article mentioned is a big consideration when selecting a forced induction option for your Audi. Your readers can find a list of STaSIS Signature Series Dealers and Certified Installers on the website.

My kit was installed by Bobby, the Senior R8 Technician at Penske Audi West Covina. STaSIS sent an engineer from West Virginia to train Bobby on the installation, and they were ably assisted by Mike from nearby VF Engineering. So my R8 received the best of care in the shop, and also from Jim and Chris up front in the service department and John in parts. The dealership installed the V10 clutch while the car was apart for the supercharger installation. Penske Audi, STaSIS and all the individuals involved deserve a lot of recognition for going the extra mile to make sure my ownership and service experience was seamless, and I wanted to set the record straight in recognition of their efforts.

Rich at OEMPls provided and installed the Audi carbon fiber mirror pods and the PPI carbon fiber mounting stalks, along with the Europe-only heated and dimming curved asymmetric mirror glass for both sides. The carbon fiber engine bay trim, carbon fiber interior trim, and carbon sigma sideblades were all part of the OEM options which were ordered on the car and installed at the Audi factory.

I'd like to clarify that I am NOT an Audi Club instructor. I'm going to be taking a lot of ribbing about that from the guys at our next Audi Club track meet! Blush

Finally, you took quite a bit of video during the photo shoot for this article, and I wondered if any of it was going to make it onto the website?

Again, thanks for a great article!

P.S. "brilliantly"? - do I really talk like that?  Crazy  

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