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Can someone tell me why my fuel pump is making a racket. Audi 80 coupe

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Posted: 10/19/09 09:24 AM

Can someone tell me why my fuel pump makes such a racket. Crazy

I'm driving a K (93) plated audi 80 coupe.  2.0l 16v  Cool

The fuel pump makes the noise as soon as the car is started and carrys on until its switched off.  

My friend says he had an audi with exactly the same problem... and not to worry...... Confused

The only reason for my post now is that the noise from the fuel pump has now gone into *Turbo* mode.. Shocked .. I'm having to turn the stereo up an extra few notches just to drown it out. Grin (which is nice)... The noise seems to go up a notch when ever it feels like it .. stays like that for a few driving hours .. and then will go back to its usual whiney whine .. and then ..... you get the idea... Wink

Its not in *turbo* mode all the time.. but it does make noise at the lower level all the time.

Do i have to worry?  or just keep on cranking up the ICE?

oooo... btw talking about ICE. how the hell do i change the speakers..... Confused  

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