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Vossen Wheel

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Posted: 01/29/08 05:51 PM

I just baught a set of these wheels. The worst wheels I have ever baught. They arrived at my house fairly quick enough. I took them to my local car shop. they mounted the tire's. I purchased Conti's for the car. They mounted the wheels on the car they looked great. After driving on the wheels for about 200 miles one of the wheels got loose and almost came off. I contacted the company and the sent me a new set of lugs. They told me they had an issue with the lugs that was corrected. Ok problem solved after driving for like another 150 miles the wheel started making noise in the lip. I returned two wheels and got two new ones. They sent me one of them ok and the other one mounted. When I called they told me that they only had two left in stock and that's why they sent me the mounted wheel. Also the lip on the wheel had a ding on it. I refused to continue on with this I took them off and replaced them with GFG. No Problems with those yet. VOSSEN WHEELS SUCK.  

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Posted: 11/22/13 08:44 AM

Where were you primarily driving? What type of road and in what region?  

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