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Volvo C30

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Posted: 10/02/07 08:18 AM

Hi Guys im planing to get a Volvo C30 next month do you guys recommend it?? Im thinking of getting the 5speed Tiptronic T5. Do you guys think its worthit?
PRO's & CON'S?? THNX  

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Posted: 06/20/08 09:09 PM

If you can afford it it's a great idea! My son has a Volvo and he loves it. The advice he always gives me is this. If you can find one on a lot with say 20,000 miles. Your going to still get a great car that you love. But versus buying brand new, your going to save thousands of dollars. Thats how he bought his Volvo. It was a $37,000 car and he talked the salesman down to $19,500.00. Fully loaded. 21,400 miles on it. And have you seen the specs on the C30? It has an Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)that has a multi filter system with carbon to catch pollen, dust, dirt, exhaust particals and oders from entering the car. They say the air quality inside the car is cleaner than the outside. It detects carbon monoxide buildup in the car and warns you if it gets near dangerous levels. It has keyless entry and drive. All you need is to make sure the key is in your pocket. Good feature if some thug is chasing your butt! Signals if you are about to back into something or someone. Same if your going forward. Signals if someones coming into your blind spots. Heats up your engine in the winter for easier startup. The trip computer shows current and average fuel consumption, how far the fuel will take you and average speed. The headlamp adjuster allows you to lower or raise the angle of the headlight beam by turning a dial on the instrument panel. They say the door locks are very hard to break through and only one key fits the car, but say a thief does get by the lock and gets in the car??? The car locks him in, and he can't get out. It says the windows are very hard to break. Well I could go on forever. And it looks like I did. Grin I just wanted to let you know how cool the C#) is. No cons that I can find. But remember. Buy used, with a warrenty. And low miles. You'll save a bunch. And take your time, look around. You'll be surprised how different the prices can be. Good Luck. And Enjoy if you do buy.

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