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2000 323i supercharged

Euro Driver
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Posted: 03/09/07 09:45 AM

Im having all kinds of troubles finding what I want for my car Iv been in contact with Bavarian Autosport & Motorsport, ESS Tuning, Active Autowerke. I cant find anything over a stage1 Intercooled supercharger set up, I was looking for atleast a stage2 8psi just isnt enough and i dont want a turbo id rather have the torque and instant power, unless someone knows of a decent bi-turbo application if anyone can point me in a direction to find where i can get something without too much custom work id really appriceate it. Im looking to get around 400HP and 350TQ out of this car,  

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Posted: 03/13/07 05:48 PM

your car had something like 170hp stock, 400hp is going to be exremely expensive to get to. You will need to do engine internals and then if you do get to 400, you will need to start looking at your driveline to see if it can handle that much power, likely not.
If you are stuck on the numbers, then I would recomend selling the car and going with a different BMW. Right now VF Engineering does have a stage 2 kit in development for this car that instead of 6psi will run 8 or 9 psi. This still won't get you to to 400hp, but I did just drvie a VF equiped M3 for a few days and I can tell you they make top notch stuff. The car drove just like stock, only way stronger. You might give them a call and see if they can tell you a little more about the upcoming stage 2 kit.  

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Posted: 05/19/07 12:43 PM

400hp NET would be easily obtainable with a V-1 and 12 PSI FMIC and some methanol inj. Keeping the compression stock. I dont know how Bimmer bottom ends hold up though  Confused  compared to say a VR or RB motor. (the 2 I have s/c and tuboed)  

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