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tires for a GTI

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Posted: 01/02/07 03:08 PM

I am trying to decide on what kind of tires I should put on my GTI. right now I have the factory 17" wheels with the 225/45, but I am considering going to an 18 with either a 225/40 or even a 235/40.

What kind of tires does everyone like and if I go with the 18s do I want the 225 or 235s.  

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Posted: 01/03/07 09:36 AM

First about the tire size, you don't say if your lower than stock or if you plan on going lower than stock so that may make a difference. If you are at stock height you can probably get away with the the 235 depending on the offset of the wheel. If you are lowered at all you will probably want to stick with the 225. It will really depend on the offset of the wheel, the exact type of tire you buy(all 235s are not the same width) and how low you are. You really aren't going to see a meaningful difference between a 235 and a 225 in grip, maybe if you ran both back to back on a skid pad you could measure a difference, but you will never feel it in the real world. Plus the 225/40/18 is almost the exact same diameter as the stock tire were as the 235 is slightly taller which makes rubbing more likely, and if we are talking slight differences in performance, will actually perform worse.

As for what tire to buy, that is a tough one. Are you looking for a summer tire, or do you need all-seasons? How much performance do you expect out of the tire compared to how much you want to spend?

I have always been a fan of Yokohama tires. The ES100 is a great choice. It will be a little louder than some other tires, and it will ride worse, but the side walls are very stiff so turn in is really nice and they have lots of grip. If you can wait a little while Yokohama is releasing the replacement to the ES100, the S-Drive, which is said to be quiter, offer a little better ride quality while staying at about the same price point.

I acutally have BFGoodrich KDWs on my VW right now, and I have been really happy with them. They ride better, are quiter and have WAY more grip than stock(not saying much I know) but they really are a nice tire.

I would probably recomend going over to the tirerack's website and checking out some of their reviews, plus it is really easy to compare tires all in one place.  

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