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Posted: 09/13/06 12:19 PM

Hello EC readers, I am going through back issues right now and trying to determine what types of articles people want to see. We have features, tech, retrospectives etc. What do you guys want to see? You can tell me either general. or if you request specific articles, I will do my best to track them down and get them online.  

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Posted: 12/27/06 04:35 PM

just some of the nicer bad *** rides like rs8 or s4 m3, m5 stuff like that would be sweet. buyers guides, and wheel guides and new stuff  

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Enzo z4
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Posted: 03/15/07 05:00 PM

lol PLEASE PLEASE!!....put up the picture of the Photoshopped BMW 6-series from the April, 2007 issue from the Incoming section.

My friends on ym forum want to take a better look but none of us can get a clear picture with out cameras because it is so small.  

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Posted: 06/02/07 08:13 PM

I heard about a 1997 Porsche Boxster which was in your issue that was modified by Gemballa and am very interested in finding out more about this vehicle!  Anyway to purchase or see this issue?

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Posted: 10/30/07 01:47 PM

Ive Got a slight problem with the november 2007 issue the article which puts the New M3 up against the new Audi RS4, first of all the cars are two totally different classes, BMW fine precision tuned machines against audis cheaply overengineering. but there are two pictures of the audis V8 one representing the bmw's and one representing the audis, and no picture of the BMW's powerplant  

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